Another YouTube Testimonial About Weight Watchers, Emily’s Story


Emily Frisbee is excited about the success she has seen with Weight Watchers. She loves the different resources available through Weight Watchers which she has been able to implement to help her reach her weight loss goals. She realized that she needs to plan her meals ahead of time so that she will not be setting herself up to fail. When she takes her lunch to work with her, and knows what she will be having for breakfast and dinner she can plan to eat enough to be satisfied throughout the day.




For Emily, the Momentum plan is one of the best parts about Weight Watchers. She says that she is able to eat a whole lot more food so that she stays fuller longer to cut the cravings that have been her downfall for years. Of course, the Momentum plan has now been replaced by the even more effective Weight Watchers 360 plan.


Stop Rest and Assess

Her new favorite one with Weight Watchers is Stop, Rest and Assess. She says, that when you are eating a big plate of food, mentally divide it in half. Eat one half of it then stop, have a drink and assess whether you are still hungry or not. If you are truly still hungry, go ahead and eat some more. If you’re not, you could ask for a to go box and take it with you when you eat the next day for lunch. That way, you won’t feel guilty that you ate more than you needed, and you will still get to enjoy the meal another day.


Emily says, it is great to see what you are able to accomplish each week at weigh ins. She now loves the fact that she has finally been able to take control of what she eats and her weight. She actually states that she loves the private weigh ins, that are part of Weight Watchers, because she is able to track her progress. Maybe this is the best part of WW for many people. They can be held accountable for the way they eat without feeling as if they have done something wrong.


Weight Watchers Coupons


To find out if WW is for you, sign up for a membership. You will be able to try Weight Watchers for three months and if you don’t find that it is helpful, just cancel your membership whenever you like. You can also find some coupons to help with the cost of the program on



Support and Encouragement


“Each week when I go to the meetings, I get tips, suggestions, recipe ideas, and helpful guides (books) that I implement them in to my daily life”, says Emily.


No one wants to be made to feel that they are a failure, and this is not what goes on at Weight Watchers meetings. There is a lot of support and encouragement from those who have been through the same things. The truth is that there is no such thing as a one size fits all health and fitness program. However, there is a “try it to see if you like it” offer as far as Weight Watchers meetings is concerned.


Who knows, you may just find, like so many others, that the program is worth it, and it is the best thing you have done for yourself in a long time. 

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