Naming a child usually takes a lot of thought and can even be a little stressful. I often hear disagreements between the parents and most can't decide with out some sort of debate. I know from experience that baby names can even effect friends and family when you don't consider what a name means to them. (Isn't it a little funny that we allow a name to say so much about a person before they even get the chance to create their own self-description? Anyway...) I had my kids' names in mind long before I was pregnant. Many of my baby name ideas came from simply meeting people or hearing different names in movies etc. If I thought a name had a nice "ring" to it, I would make a mental note. I became quite attached to a few names and held onto them a little tighter. I'm not sure if those ones stood out because of their meanings or just how they sounded to me. The main draw was that I didn't hear the name too often and when it did come up, I wasn't reminded of someone- especially someone I didn't like! Fortunately, when the time to decide came, my husband and I agreed on our names without too much of a struggle. There was a turbulent moment or two but we were able to work through the external pressures and give the names we felt comfortable with.


So, I am curious...Did you have trouble choosing baby names? If so, what made it hard to make the decision? 

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Comment by Ruth Lewis on July 10, 2011 at 8:59pm

Ours was not too bad, but I have heard of some knock down, drag out fights between couples! The girl's name was's my middle name and I had it picked out since before I started dating, haha! The boy's name, now that was another story - we argued (amicably) up until he was placed on me in the delivery room. I told my husband if he didn't like my choice, he had to come up with another. He never did so here we are :)


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