One of the ways that you can look at the ground from the sky above is with a drone. This is an electronic device that companies are using to deliver products to customers and that people are using to get a better look at some of the things that they can't see from home or a car or while walking. 

Camera drones are beneficial for many reasons. Real estate companies can use them to take pictures of homes that are for sale. This gives a different perspective for buyers so that they can see the exterior of the home instead of only the inside. Car dealerships can use drones to get a better view of the inventory that is on the lot so that they can see just how many vehicles they have and if they need to purchase more so that customers have a better selection. 

Photographers can use drones to capture images of everything from lakes to corn fields. It's a way to get the best pictures possible to display online so that others can see the work that the photographer is capable of doing. Cities can get an idea as to the layout of the town and record various details such as issues with streets that need to be fixed or areas of the city that could be updated. 

A camera drone is something that can be used by companies to get a better view as to where customers live and the type of customer that lives in the area based on the homes and vehicles. This can give the company an idea as to how to target the community with the items that are sold. Since drones are small in size, they can go almost anywhere as long as someone is able to bring them back to the designated area to be recharged. The drone can move up and down as well as left and right, capturing images that a person wouldn't be able to get with a typical camera. You don't need to prepare as much to have the drone put in place as you would with a camera or a helicopter.

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