SmoothMove by Bankers Box PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!

We all hate moving, admit it! Having to pack everything, then having to carry the heavy boxes and appliances from one place to another THEN having to unpack and organize everything. I am tired just thinking about it and our family has done this too many times! Just recently we helped my brother and his little family move our samples of SmoothMove boxes were a hit!!

SmoothMove moving boxes and supplies strive on one main goal, to make the mundane task of moving as easy and smooth as possible. They have so many wonderful features that it is hard to just focus on one:

                     - Reinforced Hand Holds

                     - Fast Fold assembly

                     - NO TAPE REQUIRED

                     - Easy to break down and store

                     - Earth-friendly

                     - super low prices compared to hardware stores

Having to deal with your clothes from your closet is by far the worst chore for me. With the Wardrobe Moving Boxes, you can easily move your clothes from your closet, to the box and then back into your new closet with little work and your clothes stay wrinkle free. LOVE THIS!!

The Fast Fold moving boxes were ideal in making it quick and easy to pack up and no worrying about using packaging tape. That get's expensive and you want to save money not spend more. They boxes close securely and I know the boys who were moving could not stop raging about how the handles were sturdy and did not rip under the weight of the box.

They specializes in all sizes, all types and will have a box that will fit whatever need you might have to make your move as smooth as possible. Their prices are super reasonable and a perk, you can your boxes shipped to you FREE OF CHARGE!! You can purchase everything you will need for your move all in one shot and have it delivered to your door, no need to drive all around town to purchase your gear, you have enough to worry about.

Enter the Promo Code GEEK at checkout and receive 10% off

your order and remember shipping is free!

Check out their website HERE to start your order or follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to get promo codes or ideas on how to make your upcoming move as easy as possible.




**I received samples of this product for my review. However, these opinions and views are my own.

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