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ShipSmart is the place to go when you have a move that is not big enough to require the average moving company. It is also a great choice for shipping something that is more than the post office can handle. Whether you are shipping boxes of personal belongings or fragile items, the professionals at ShipSmart will provide you with a high quality solution at a price you won't lose sleep over. ShipSmart was founded in 1999 with the goal of serving customers that needed a safe method to ship these goods that didn't fit the typical size for parcel post or large moving companies. The company's founder has spent over twenty years in the moving industry and the majority of his time specializing in smaller moves. With him at the helm, ShipSmart has a lot of experience in this industry.

Online estimates are available along with full service pick up of the items to be moved and full replacement insurance is available. The full replacement insurance covers your items from the time of pick-up to the delivery destination. 

On,  ShipSmart complaints are very few, in fact I only found one. The rest of the ShipSmart reviews are 5 stars, very positive and customers highly recommend their services. The ShipSmart Complaints I did see were from the beginning of 2011 and seems like a very rare incident. Overall, ShipSmart appears to be a good, economical choice for transporting your items. Things like household goods, antiques, furniture, artwork, small appliances and electronics would fit the mold. This service would come in handy for a small college move-in or other move where there are just not enough people to help out.  Shipping items that need extra care, like computers or fine art, is something ShipSmart specializes in as well. Check out all the services they offer by visiting their website!



*This is a sponsored post made possible by ShipSmart.

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