Putting "Feeling Campy" to Work on Our Camping Trip

I was so happy to have Bravery in a Bottle sponsor a giveaway for the Christmas in July event (read my sponsor spotlight post), but even more excited that they sent me a bottle of Feeling Campy to try out on our family camping trip! Last year, we visited the same camp ground not too far from home. We had a great time but since then, the kids have come up with more things to be afraid of at night time. I have used Monster Vapor with great success over the past few months when the kids get scared in their rooms. I knew that Feeling Campy would do the trick to help the kids feel safe sleeping in the tent and sure enough, it was a big hit!


As soon as I pulled the Feeling Campy out of my bag, the kids got right to work. They canvased the tent and sprayed all around the outside. The spray is coined the "Bug Away Blend" of essential oils contains Citronella, Catnip, Cedar Woods, Lemongrass, Lavender, Litsea Cubea, Tea Tree, and Patchouli. (Does not contain Deet) It smells similar to a Citronella candle but a little sweeter and not as strong. The kids liked the smell and I am pretty sure it helped keep the mosquitos out of the tent. In fact, we didn't find one bug in the tent the entire time! More than just a bug repellent, Feeling Campy helped the kids feel a little safer after we had a run-in with a group of raccoons. They startled us all right before bed time by sneaking into our friend's car when they opened the back hatch. The commotion got the kids hearts racing but with some mommy TLC and our handy Feeling Campy spray, the children fell asleep and rested peacefully. :)


You can purchase Feeling Campy on the Braver in a Bottle website for $12.00 plus tax and shipping. Learn more about these great mom-made products by following Bravery in a Bottle on Facebook and Twitter



**I was not paid for this post. I was given a free product for review. These thoughts are my own.

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