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The ability for people to steal and use your identity is so much greater today than ever before. You have to be so careful with how you handle your mail and your papers that have your personal information. If you have a shredder right next to your desk than this is easy, just shred it when you are done. But the rest of us who don't we accumulate stacks of paper then have to sit down and shred the stack. 

PLUS Corporation of America has come up with a much better way to of guarding your identity that is easy to do and so convenient! Guard Your ID Stamp are sets of stamps that have patterns that effectively mask the letters and numbers on whatever information you want hidden. This is a great alternative to the shredder, some trash companies don't like picking up your shredded paper plus it is safe and environmentally alternative. 

There are several stamps to choose from, I was given the LARGE STAMP, ROLLER and CAMOUFLAGE tape to test out. Check out the results!!

I cannot say enough about how EASY it is to use these stamps! Easy, clean and effective! The Guard Your ID Stamp was first introduced in Japan in 2007 and has sold over a million units with it's first year. It was introduced to the US in 2009 and has been received with positive reviews which has lead to the creation of different types of stamps.

Go to the PLUS Guard Your ID Stamp website HERE and check out the different types of stamps available and for a limited time use the code BLOG2014 to receive 25% off of your order. If you want to keep your identity save these are handy to have right next to your inbox.

** I received these products for my review. However these opinions and views are my own. 

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