As I have been writing about lately my health has forced me to make some serious changes to my eating habits which my family has also taken on. We have now cut all fatty foods, have added tons of fruits and vegetables to our daily intake and I personally have cut out all Gluten items. What this has done is make me feel more energetic, has made me loose weight and has actually made my illness hurt less! Therefore I am now on the lookout for any new products that I can incorporate with my meals that are good for me but still fulfill the cravings I have. 

Life and Food has a product out called Yacon Root Syrup which is 100% pure raw

naturally grown Yacon plant. This is a great substitute for 

your regular sweeteners and has far less calories and is low on the glycemix index scale. I have been adding this to my morning oatmeal in place of the Trevia sweetener I usually use and I have not lost any of the sweetness but have actually added a flavor that makes it yummy. This product is Gluten Free, has no Soy and is all natural which is exactly what I have incorporated with my diet.

Other benefits to the Yacon Root Syrup include:

- Assists in weight management, increase fiber intake, promotes bowl function, lowers blood sugar, powerful Antioxidant.

- High in prebiotics and probiotics

- Naturally grown and organic certified

- 100% pure raw organic syrup formula with no added preservatives

All that is needed is to take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day and it can be added to your tea/coffee and other beverages as a sweetener or can be added on pancakes and in other liquid mixes. There are so many options for this product and the health benefits you get are great. Want to give this a try? You can purchase this on AMAZON for only $16.97 for an 8 oz bottle or you can enter the giveaway we have going to win a free bottle!



**I received this product for my review. However these opinions and views are my own.

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