NEW Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash

My kids are five and seven years old. They are quite independent and like to do stuff on their own now. However, when it comes to bath/shower time, they want to wash their own hair but tend to get the soap in their eyes without help. For this review, I chose to try the gentle Dial Kids Body + Hair Wash that is technically intended for 2+ with hopes it would get the job done (you know, get the stink off my kids!) without a child crying from stinging eyes.  So, I asked the kids to try it and now can safely report that no one cried or complained even after a couple of weeks of use! 

The product we sampled smells like peaches and the kids mentioned repeatedly that they really love the fragrance. It was very gental on their skin and left their hair feeling soft and smooth. Once they realized it wouldn't sting their little eyes, I was able to wash their faces without too much of a battle.  (I have been known to turn to the wet wipe to complete that mission!)

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I am a Purex Insider and received a free sample for review. These thoughts are my own.

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