I have to hand it to those women who have impeccable houses, who have dinner on the table every day at a certain time and look like utter perfection every time I see them!  How I would love to be one of you...

This new house has inspired me to better myself and I've been trying to document all the improvements I've been striving to make.  You have followed along on my culinary journey and I hope you're enjoying the ride so far.  Even with it's ups and downs, I'm having a great time learning to cook.  What I haven't been sharing as much is the other aspects of myself I'm trying to improve upon, like keeping a clean house.  Keeping a clean house is definitely a full time job, especially with a toddler and a husband who doesn't always clean up after himself.  I sometimes feel like if I clean this one area, but the time I turn around it's a mess again.  This has in the past deterred me from making any real effort in tidying up.  As a result, I never really had anyone over and if I did it would be a full day of cleaning before my guest was allowed over.

Now that I have this beautiful new house, I want to have it in order.  I'd love to be able to say to my friends, "stop by, anytime!" and actually mean it.


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