Max & Ruby-Max's Mole Mash Mobile Game Review

It has become increasingly difficult to have a nice, calm sit down dinner at a restaurant with my husband or to even go grocery shopping since my son has entered his "terrible two's". He needs to be kept constantly busy which is why I love and depend greatly on my Iphone. I am always on the look out for Apps that will not only teach him but also keep him entertained.


Max & Ruby-Max's Mole Mash game is a colorful, animated game that greatly resembles the wack-a-mole game we love to play at Chuck E Cheese! My son loves that the little mole that pops up smiles and laughs at him before he has to wack him. The game comes with two different game modes, Arcade and Puzzle. Arcade mode is just like the real game, wack the mole with your stick before he goes back down into his hole. Puzzle mode is different in that you only wack the mole with a certain color helmet. This will help teach to spot differences rather than just repeat the action. The higher your score, the higher in levels you go to unlock a mini racing game version as well as collecting 8 Max & Ruby wallpapers! You get to choose what type of "theme" you are playing for before the start of the game. Themes include Summer, Valentines, Holiday, etc.

For more information of to download your own Max's Mole Mash for only $1.99, visit


**I was given a free download of this app in exchange for this review. These thoughts and opinions are my own.

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