Mabel's Labels Will You Get You Ready For #BackToSchool (Enter to win your own set!)

I have to admit, our family enjoys getting ready for school to start again. While we do reflect and well up with emotion thinking about how fast they have grown, we are excited for a new chapter to begin with all kinds of adventures and experiences that my son (8) and daughter (6) will remember forever. My husband and I are very thankful we can privide what's needed for the kids to be successful and feel good about what the school year brings. Inevitably though (and I'm sure most parents can relate), we end up buying much more than just the list of supplies the teacher sends home. We fill the cart with new clothes, backpacks, shoes, waterbottles, lunch boxes and no matter how many sales we shop or coupons we use, this is no small expense. Add the excitement of reuinting with freinds, new classrooms and the shake up of our daily routine, it never fails that my kids go to school with one of these brand new items and come home without it. This year, with the help of Maybel's Labels, we are prepared for these items to make their way back to us rather than ending up in the pile of Lost and Found.

The "Ultimate Back to School Combo" (retails $42.00) gave me everything I needed. It includes:

  • 40 Skinny Minis
    • Perfect for waterbottles, notebooks, pencil boxes, scissors
  • 50 Tag Mates
    • I put these on shirt & jacket tags, inside hats and headbands
  • 16 Shoe Labels
    • Stick these right inside on the heel of the shoe 
  • 2 Teeny Tags
    • Hook these onto the backpack or sports bag zipper 

Now, you have a chance to try the same set for free! Enter to win the Ultimate Back to School Combo by clicking HERE!

*MTG was given a free sample for review. These thoughts and opinions are my own.

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