Every gun enthusiast needs a quality carrying case for storage and protection. A quality case is meant to protect the gun from unauthorized access and prevent it from being damaged. Of course, you also need to be able to carry this case to gun ranges and parks. Here’s a few tips for choosing the right gun case with all of these needs in mind.

Carrying a gun case comes down to weight and the peripherals that can carry some of that weight. Within their product descriptions, sellers will provide the weight of the case when empty. Add that weight to the average weight you’ll add via guns, magazines and supplies. Deciding whether you can comfortably carry that weight will determine the type of carrying product you’ll need. Gun cases can come with pull-out handles or suitcase-style handles. Wheels are another possibility and likely the best option for those with bigger and heavier supplies. 

Gun cases can be made with canvas or suede leather material, but you’ll get the most protection out of a hard gun case. On the inside, you’ll have compartments for secure storage. Check the compartment sizes that fit your guns. They need to slide in snugly. You’ll need to know the full-length and barrel length of each to achieve this. Once that’s done, check again, this time making sure the cases are trigger lock friendly. 

Another consideration is the certifications presented by sellers. Some cases will be fine in extreme temperatures and rain. There’s military-grade options too. Despite that and all the other possible protections out there, don’t forget to exercise some caution yourself. Keep it from unnecessarily harsh conditions. Dry it out if moisture has built up inside. You want this case to last as long as possible in prime condition.

You can get a padlock for canvas or suede leather cases, but here’s another area where hard cases reign supreme. Soft bags have zippers. Hard cases offer rubber edges and heavy duty latches along with padlocks. Generally, these cases have hard plastic shells meant to withstand bad conditions and prevent theft.

When you enjoy your guns, you want to keep them safe and prepared for use. So find something that does it all, and you can appreciate a safe, clean and organized carrying case.

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