How To Avoid Some Basic Web Design Mistakes

Designing a website for your small business can be an exciting venture. Your business can truly grow when you develop a successful and appealing online presence. A great website can not only get your business more exposure, but help you to sell more products or services.

However, just as a great website can help your business, an inefficient or poorly designed one can have the exact opposite effect. To make sure that your business thrives online instead of failing, here are some mistakes to avoid when it comes to small business web design.

Overly Flashy Design

When designing websites, a lot of people feel tempted to create extremely flashy designs. After all, it seems like an easy way to make your website memorable and to ensure that it stands out in the crowd. While a flashy web design sounds great in theory, it tends to have an effect that is usually the opposite of its creator's intent. People tend to shy away from branding that is overly flashy or hitting them with too much at once. Think about your favorite iconic company. Chances are that they have a logo and advertising scheme that is simple and sleek. Your goal should be memorable, not flashy.

Bad Coding

As important as design is, coding is even more important. If your website is full of broken links or frequently gives the user error messages, your customers are eventually going to get frustrated and just give up on trying to access your service or product. If you don't feel competent in your webmaster skills, it might be a good idea to hire a pro to make sure that your website is working smoothly. This can often mean the difference between lost sales and a profit.

Unoriginal Ideas

Think about the aforementioned iconic brands that are known for their simple yet memorable designs. While these brands can be a great source of inspiration, they shouldn't serve as source material that you just copy from. Customers are usually turned off by websites that are blatantly attempting to copy the designs of other companies. Your goal should be to be similar to iconic brand designs, but never an exact replica.

Lack Of Consumer Engagement

In the era of social media, there's no excuse for your website not to be full of opportunities for the consumer to actively engage with your brand. From prompts to share a Tweet to encouragements to comment on blog posts, your website should always be a flourishing hub of dialog between you and your customers. People like to feel like they're engaged with their favorite brands and that their input is heard and valued.

Launching a website for your small business can seem overwhelming. However, if you know what mistakes to avoid, the task becomes a little easier. Don't fall into the trap of these classic website blunders. Instead, create a sleek website that will get your customers excited about your product and your brand. 

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