Have You Taken Self Defense? You Need To!

This past weekend, I took my husband's advice and completed the Women's Self Defense Seminar at the Academy of Self Defense in Santa Clara, CA. This was a very eye-opening experience. Along with learning techniques to get out of "bad guest" situations (when the person overstepping their boundaries is someone you know or are familiar with) I learned information to help reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring. Here are some of the main points:

1) Scan the room/area and know where the exits are

2) Avoid being distracted by texting/talking on the phone while walking

3) Time of day doesn't make an incident more likely but the situation itself. ie) walking alone, being distracted, not trusting your intuition and entering a risky situation


As moms, we are so much more likely to be distracted. Our children are our main focus and personally, I have even felt like an easy target at times. For instance, at the grocery store, we often have our backs turned when we are putting a child in the car seat. At that moment, I would not even notice someone coming up to me. The Women's Self Defense Seminar teaches you to always take that extra second and look at your surroundings. You may think that your neighborhood grocery store is a safe place but criminals are likely to strike in those very places! 

After the course, I felt a sense of empowerment. When you look at the pictures, (here) you will see that ASD's world class instructors did an awesome job of putting us through necessary stress in order to feel how our bodies would really react under pressure. I was amazed to see the women that take Krav Maga. You could instantly tell they were trained to breathe, use their techniques, and they were not afraid. When it was time for me to try our techniques on the instructors, I was petrified and could feel my heart racing. After I did it, I felt great! I felt more secure that I could defend myself even when I am caught off guard. 

I certainly am not an expert at this point but I am a believer that all women, especially moms, should take a course like this one. You will feel more confident knowing that you can get ourself out of a bad situation.


The ASD will be holding another seminar on April 16th from 1:30-3:00pm. I will be there and I hope you will come too or find a similar class near you.


If you are interested in learning Krav Maga or other self defense techniques, ASD offers a FREE 2-week trial where you can sample the classes and find what fits you the best.

(Not only are the classes great for self defense but my husband has lost almost 50 pounds doing Krav Maga. I might have to consider doing this on a regular basis too. I would really love to lose the last 10lbs of baby weight!) 

ASD on twitter: http://twitter.com/ASDSantaClara

ASD on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Academy-of-Self-Defense-Santa-Clara-C...

ASD's website: http://www.academyselfdefense.com




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