Summer is here and for many kids that means time to kick back and let the good times roll! My son is not in school yet so this is what he does everyday! However that doesn't mean I do not use the opportunity when I am home with him at night and on the weekends to do fun activities that teach him things.

Recently we took a weekend drive to the Ronald Reagan Library where it was my son's first time every being their. He was in awe with all the different items of history plus was having a blast looking for all the jars of Jelly Belly's that he would have on his tables. What he loved the most was seeing the huge Air Force One plane that is at the library. He is 4 1/2 but was asking so many questions about all the different pieces of history that he saw plus weeks later still references back to that trip randomly with little things he sees in his everyday. Taking kids to see something that will spark their interest and get them talking about it even after you left is key to their development and growing.

Galileo Summer Camps help kids with this, these are camps in the Bay Area that are designed for kids PreK up to 8th Grade....Something powerful happens at Galileo that doesn’t happen at other camps. Sure, kids have fun. They have a lot of fun. They come home glowing, grimy and wiped out.

But amidst the frenzy, they also learn something with the potential to change them—and the world—profoundly. They learn how to fail. Not in a humiliating or dispiriting way. But in a self-assured way, that helps turn them into hardy, risk-taking creators and problem-solvers.

Multiply that inversion times thousands of kids every summer and you have Galileo’s audacious mission—to nurture and inspire a daring new generation of fearless innovators.

Armed with an innovation process inspired by the Stanford Galileo instructors facilitate campers’ hands-on exploration of science, art and outdoor activities. Behind every activity, an idea. And a mindset—visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined, reflective.

In pre-K, campers may build a crude xylophone or design a lion mask. By 8th grade, they may program their own video game, design their own fashion line, or breathe life into some creation entirely of their own invention.

The products are cool. But the by-products—supreme confidence and a boldness of vision worthy of our camp’s patron saint—are what will eventually rock our world.

There are over 25 locations in the Bay Area to choose from, and right now use the code 2014INNOVATION when you sign up for Galileo Summer camp for $30 off (limit one per camper, Camp Galileo and Galileo Summer Quest) Expires: July 13, 2014.

** This article is sponsored by Galileo

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