Today I hosted a Nutella Party for my playgroup moms and kids. The party was made possible by MommyParties and I have to say, they did a great job providing just the right information and "swag". The gift bags were filled with recipes and ideas for incorporating Nutella into our breakfast routine, a sample, a coupon, a coffee to-go mug and more. I was really excited to share them with my friends.

We played a game that was suggested as a good "ice breaker" and learned one new fact about each of our families. We also learned that most of us are tired of making toast every morning for breakfast. *Thanks to Nutella, we have some new ideas that can help spice up breakfast for us in the future!*



Trying the Nutella Hazelnut Spread was a lot of fun. I provided bagels, apples, wafer cookies and crackers. I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed the tasting.



The kids certainly approved and most of the moms had already tried Nutella and really like it. (Apparently, I am way out of the loop- but I liked it too!) I think the biggest hit was Nutella on the apple slices but the entire sampling dish was empty almost as soon as we started tasting. I will go ahead and say Nutella worked well with all of the choices. :)


A big THANK YOU  goes out to both Nutella and MommyParties for allowing me to host such a fun party. Sharing this experience with my friends was great and I look forward to hosting another one!

You can find MommyParties on facebook and on twitter

Visit Nutella's web site here:


~Keri Schneider

"Figuring out motherhood and what the heck my GEEK husband is talking about all at the same time. I blog and tweet about family, food, product reviews and giveaways."




*I was not paid or this post. I was provided with free products/samples in return for an honest review. These thoughts are my own


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