Over my 15 plus years of driving, I have gone through many cars. Many were hand be downs, especially when I first learned to drive that required TONS of work done on them. I have also been in too many accidents that I would rather not mention the number that also required work to be done on them. So you can see that I have had to deal with many car repair shops and I can say that I have had my ups and downs with them. You either hit or miss with car repair shops an honestly how do you know who to trust?!

As a perfect example, just this past weekend my husband got someone to come to our house to repair my front windshield that has a crack on it. Well as the guy was removing the molding that held the window up he noticed that it was being held in place with glue versus the clips that should have been in their place! He asked, who did this?! My husband then remembered that I had been in an accident going on about 5 years now and the insurance company sent us to a repair shop that they recommended since they were paying for the work. Well we think that they were either to lazy to do the job right or wanted to cut costs, either way they didn't put the molding in correctly and now 5 years later we are discovering it. Can't really go back to them since so much time has passed and now WE are stuck with having to pay to replace the molding since while taking it off it cracked in half. So the moral of the story, make sure you trust the car repair shop you are taking your vehicles to, they can do stuff that you wouldn't know anything about and when you do find out it will cost you money!

** I received compensation for my post. However, these opinions and views are my own.

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