Book Review: Slave Graves by Thomas Hollyday

I've done several reviews of this author and really enjoy his writing style, this book did not disappoint...

Synopsis: Dr. Frank Light, archaeologist, is vastly annoyed. He''s settled into a plush life -cushy department-head job at a university, suave girlfriend, book in the works. Now he''s been ordered into the sludgy, back-water marshes of Maryland to fend off hordes of mosquitoes, all because of an inconsequential find at a bridge construction site. Maggie, the outspoken state archaeologist working the dig, insists the shipwreck has historical significance. Pastor Allingham is even more vehement, insisting the decaying timbers hide a rumored, long-lost slave graveyard. Real estate tycoon Jake Terment is furious that his construction project is held up by the growing concerns of Frank and his team. Jake cranks up the pressure for a quick resolution. Others passionately feel the archaeology project should either come to a crashing halt or press full speed ahead. An eclectic group of butterfly fanatics, a mysterious waterman of Mexican heritage, a curvaceous movie star, and even ghosts make their presence known. When several attempts are made on the team''s life, Frank draws on lessons from his Vietnam vet past. He has to decide on which side of this battle to stake his claim - and if he is ready to risk his life again for his beliefs.

As usual, Thomas Hollyday did not disappoint with the description of the area in which the story takes place. He does an amazing job at really giving you a visual picture of the surroundings and for those of us who don't travel much, this is important and really makes you feel like you are there. Besides this, the story itself was intriguing and really kept your attention so much that it is really hard to put the book down once you get started. You can really sense the struggle that the main character, Frank has within himself as to what is the right and wrong thing to do. Thomas does a great job at really building up these characters and giving you a feel for their personalities. The ending will blow your mind and you will never believe it!

About the author: Thomas Hollyday (1942-present) was born in Easton, Maryland. His father was an acclaimed photographer and his mother a brilliant teacher. His father's family were active in the history of Maryland since its settlement while his mother's family were prominent in Democratic Party politics. He studied writing with Elliott Coleman at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and with C.Michael Curtis of the Atlantic Monthly. He served with distinction in Vietnam and became a successful international businessman. He also drew illustrations for national magazines and published maritime and Civil War history. He currently edits the Wet Their Whistles newsletter for animal water rights ( He draws the popular humorous Animal Viewpoint Cartoons for newspapers. He continues to please his fans with new novels in his River Sunday Romance Mysteries collection.

To purchase your own copy of Slave Graves, visit AMAZON and buy it for $11.01 on paperback and $0.99 on KINDLE. You can also purchase it on BARNES AND NOBLE for $11.02 or NOOK for $0.99.

**I received a copy of the book for my review. However, these opinions and views are my own.

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