No matter home many times the doom-sayers have pronounced the death of print media, literature refuses to go quietly. Attendance at books fairs is reported to generate brisk sales, even with slightly lower numbers. The fact is, there are some comforting experiences that electronic media can't replace: the luxury of languishing over a cup of coffee and a newspaper on a lazy Sunday morning, the thrill of a page-turning adventure or the comfort of a novel and a hot bubble bath after a long day. These are experiences that true bibliophiles treasure and pass on to others at every opportunity. If you think about it, reading a bed-time story to a child just isn't the same on a tablet reader as it is when you can snuggle up together and guide them through pages of magical words and beautiful illustrations. Slim inspirational volumes are still cherished gifts for a sick friend, a workmate or a new parent.

Wherever there is a volume of poetry, there will be a lover of literature to read it share it. The record-breaking success of some novels and book series in recent years is also proof that if you write it, readers will come.

 Book-Pal is an example of an online source for large orders of books for any purpose. If you need text books, self-help, business or even children's books in amounts of anywhere from 25 to 5,000, a website like this can help. They're a great one-stop source for school libraries and other institutions and events that need large numbers of print volumes.

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