My days are constantly filled with music, whether it be in the car on my way to work, sitting at my desk at work or cooking in the kitchen. I constantly have something playing! What kind of music do I play?! I do not like any new music that comes out. It all sounds the same and has no originality to it. I mostly play old albums because I cannot get into today's music. I grew up listening to ABBA. To this day I still play them and just love how their music just makes me feel happy. So when I was asked if I wanted to do a review on Agnetha Fältskog’s new album A I jumped at opportunity! I have been waiting for anything to come out from this talented group and to have a solo album is even better.

I popped this cd in my car stereo on my drive into work because traffic was just killer. Oh man I could not believe how soothing and refreshing it was to hear her voice coming through my speakers. I could have easily been listening to an ABBA album but I wasn't only because I had never heard these songs before. I LOVE IT!! It has been nearly 10 years since Agnetha has come out with anything and from everything I have read she was unsure to do so. Why?! I have no idea. She sounds incredible in this album. She doesn't have the most powerful voice but it is so angelic and soothing that it just puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good. The lyrics are simple, the melodies and simple and the songs are just so great to listen to that regardless of your musical preference you are bound to find a song that you like on this album. 

One of my favorites on this album is "Dance Your Pain Away". It has such a similar resemblance to an ABBA disco song that it had me tapping my hands on my steering wheel. You have piano-led songs, pop type of songs and love songs all wrapped up in one album. This is a must for anyone who is looking for something new but resembles the old.

Agnetha Fältskog’s new album A is set to release Tuesday May 14th but I have been given some copies to share with our readers! Enter the giveaway below to win one of three CD's that I have to giveaway. Otherwise, hit your local retailer and purchase this new album, you will not be disappointed!! You can get more info on what Agnetha Fältskog has been up to HERE or follow her on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. 




** I received a copy of the cd for my review. However these opinions and views are my own.

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