A Day In Motherhood 's Lori Pace Gives a Shout Out to Five Fabulous Bloggers...Including Little 'Ol ME!

Happy Monday to you all!

I woke up to see this awesome shout out by a friend of mine at A Day In Motherhood, Lori Pace. She chose Married to a Geek and included me in her post "Five Fabulous Blog and Why I Love Them". Lori took the time to write a very nice piece about me. *blush*

The four other blogs she mentions are Blogging Dangerously, Scary Mommy, The Animated Woman, and Raising Future Leaders. Needless to say, I am shocked to be included in this post with such amazing women and their amazing blogs. THANK YOU LORI! :)


Visit Lori's blog and read the full post by clicking the link below:


Samantha's Day

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