5 Ideas for a Family Music Room in Your Home


Music speaks to your mind, body, and soul. It opens up opportunities, encourages confidence, and allows you to feel past the everyday emotions that run through your mind. So, to share these amazing feelings with your whole family, consider these 5 ideas for a family music room in your home.

Pick a Room and Soundproof the Interior

Music can be both soothing and nerve-wracking—it depends on who is playing it. And when someone in your family is just starting out, the best course of action is to soundproof your new music room. You can use high-end insulation, or simply staple up reused egg cartons to create a natural sound barrier. Either way, pick a room reserved for your family’s tunes and soundproof it for their privacy and your own.

Invest in Music Books, Pages, & Online Materials
Intermediate music theory books  are a big hit with music-loving families. As are the traditional sheet music pages, as well as online resources that you can simply print out. Make sure you have these books and materials available for any member of your family at all times. Having a handful of truly amazing resources is a surefire way to help a musician-to-be improve.

Let Everyone Pick Their Favorite Instrument

Instead of telling your kids what to learn, opt for allowing them to pick the instrument that ‘speaks’ to them. This gives your kiddo an advantage, especially if they want to look at music as a possible career. Where everyone else will be studying pianos and violins, your youngster might be a drummer or trumpeter. You never know, but you should always encourage them to play the instrument that best suits their personality.

Consider Investing in In-Home Music Lessons

There is a plethora of in-home music lessons offered by trained, professional tutors in music and the arts. These kinds of lessons can be a bit expensive, of course, but you and your family will be learning and bonding through music. Who knows, you might even create a family band. That would be totally awesome!

Use the Music Room as an Unwind Space

If you or any member of your family has had a rough day, use the music room as an unwind space. Somewhere you can go to relax and either play your favorite instrument or listen to your favorite tunes as loud as you want. Music should be stress-free and fun, so keep it that way.

Music opens up your soul and allows your heart to beat in time with your favorite sounds. Spread the love and passion of great music by sharing it with the people you love most—your family.

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