4 Interior Design Ideas for Teenagers & Young-At-Hearts

The teenage years are a challenge for interior designers because it represents an ascent to adulthood and a separation with typical childhood elements. It’s like kids are in a limbo of interests and hobbies. However, there are ways to spruce up childhood themes to make them more teen-appropriate. And, really, these themes are for anyone with a young heart and a love of interior design.

Everything is Better with Disney

From classics like Mickey Mouse and Goofy, to new favorites like Wall-E and Meredith, Disney is a tried-and-true interior design choice for kids [and adults] of all ages. However, you should definitely pick a central theme to focus on. For example, if your teen loves Tangled, build a room around pinks and purples, with flower accents, a tower-style canopy bed, and a mischievous chameleon decal near the light switch. Cute, yes, but also elegant.

Go Princess Power

Princesses are a go-to, regardless of age. From the traditional pinks, to a punkier bright red and black, you can instill princess power into your teen’s bedroom by simply gauging the type of princess she wants to be. If she is all sparkles and glitz, opt for a sophisticated take on a classic royal highness. Or, if she goes more with a tomboy flow, go with rhinestones, color clashes, and lots of room for band posters and expressive artworks.

Music is Life and Love

When your kiddo is a fan of music, give them a room that allows them to express themselves at all volumes. Soundproof it, create a whole wall for band posters, and invest in a bright red carpet to mimic the flow of a sound studio. You should also give them plenty of space for their own instruments. For youngsters with dreams of being a musician or lead singer in their own band, gift them with a custom printed vinyl sticker to grace their walls. This will remind them to never give up on their dreams, while ensuring their version of perfect bedroom décor.

Colors of the Rainbow

When your kiddo is colorful and vibrant, only the rainbow will do. But, instead of finding decals of rainbows for their walls, opt for solid colored paints and accents to give the impression of a rainbow. For instance, deck their room in red sheets, a purple bedspread, blue pillowcases, and a yellow dresser on a backdrop of sky-blue walls and a fluffy, cloud-like carpet.

The aforementioned interior design ideas are perfection for teenagers with creative prowess and a love of themes. So, when you plan on doing a teen room revamp, ask your kiddo which themes they would prefer, and build your design ideas from their interests.

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