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The Second Time Around

When I had my daughter 5 years ago, her birth sent me into a whirlwind of emotions. I was overjoyed, but also scared, anxious, nervous and exhausted (ok, I know that exhaustion is not an emotion, but for a new mother, it might as well be). At times, I was just bewildered with everything going on around me. For the first few months, I was so overwhelmed with everything being new, and wanting to capture everything and make sure everything was done right, that often, I didn’t realize that if I…


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Read my Guest Post on Simply Stacie!

Simply Stacie


Simply Stacie is an awesome mom blogger that does product reviews/giveaways as well as helps promote her fellow bloggers! Learn more about her HERE and then read my guest post: …


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A Blast From The Past

Since my blog was still very new when these posts first came about, I thought I owed it to these great people to share them again! I love going back an reading these and I know you will enjoy them too. (maybe they will come back and post again...*wink*)



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Guest Post: Stuck at Geek, or on the Guru Path?

Stuck at Geek, or on the Guru Path?

By Stefan Lanfer

All gurus have an inner geek, don’t they? Just consider Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule.” I don’t know how anyone can possibly log 10,000 hours at anything without a geeky obsession for it. But how does the guru pull away from the geek pack? Is it…

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Guest Post: Fun Food Ideas For Fall And A Little History Too


The History of Samhain

Samhain marks the beginning of Winter and the end of Summer in the British calendar. It is the time of the Pagan New Year celebration as the bountiful growing season ends and Winter begins. The days are getting shorter and colder as the earth moves further from the sun. Cattle and sheep are brought in from pasture to spend the winter in the… Continue

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Guest Post: From a Dad's Point of View

*I met Jack via twitter and here is his take on becoming a parent! He is a wonderful writer and proud dad! Enjoy!

I can’t tell you when we decided that it was time to try to become parents, at least I can’t give you an exact date. Maybe I should have started blogging far earlier than I did. Not sure that it really matters as I remember the important details or at least…


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Guest Post: Night Terrors U

When my oldest daughter, Katie, was born, she was the picture of perfection in our eyes. A tiny little ball of chubby cheeks, fuzzy hair

and sweetness. She came out, after a grueling 21 hour labor, via c -

section. Her already obvious blue eyes wide open and we joke, to this

day, have not closed…

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