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Shop Online for Your Pet Food Needs with Mr. Chewy

Mr Chewy is an online store that offers a huge variety of pet foods, treats and more.  I was given a coupon code to and was excited to try out the service. My first impression was very positive. I liked the website's look and feel and…


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Sponsor Spotlight: EatSmart Kitchen Scale

  The EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is an… Continue

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MyClyns 100% Natural Food Wash


Did you know that even organic produce…


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Watch Kiki and Bomber Take the Bil-Jac Dog Food Challenge!


*I'm a BzzAgent and received a free product for review. These thoughts are my own.*

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Join Chili's Email Club and get a Weekly Coupon!

** If you haven't signed up yet, you need to! You instantly get a FREE Chips and Queso coupon! After that, you will receive great coupons on a weekly basis! Coupons for FREE desserts, kids meals and more! This offer ends… Continue

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Fun Times at my #NutellaParty!

Today I hosted a Nutella Party for my playgroup moms and kids. The party was made possible by MommyParties and I have to say, they did a great job providing just the right information and…


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I Hate You, Allergies!

I think I could win an award for being the most allergic person in the world. For the past few days, I have literally sneezed 1000 times, my eyes are itchy and my nose is raw from blowing it. It is the worst! They come and go but here in Northern California, something is blooming all year long so I never know when it's going to strike. It doesn't help that I am allergic to cats, dogs, trees, grass, pollen, know, pretty much…


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Baked Spaghetti To DIE For!

I made this just the other night. It was so delicious, I have to share! The original recipe is in "Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood" which we received as a gift for Christmas. We loved the dish but changed a few ingredients to make it fit our tastes. ENJOY!


What you need: (the first 3 things need to be prepared…


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Guest Post: Fun Food Ideas For Fall And A Little History Too


The History of Samhain

Samhain marks the beginning of Winter and the end of Summer in the British calendar. It is the time of the Pagan New Year celebration as the bountiful growing season ends and Winter begins. The days are getting shorter and colder as the earth moves further from the sun. Cattle and sheep are brought in from pasture to spend the winter in the… Continue

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Tired little guy!

Having family in town definitely changes up our routine. The kids never want to miss a minute of daylight and finally it caught up to mid-bite as a matter of fact!
(I swear we did not plant that there!!)

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Giveaway: Strawberry Sweetness from Tastefully Simple!

AND The Winner is... Entry # 5 belongs to RACHEL! Congrats and thanks so much for participating!!

Tastefully Simple offers lots of fun products that allow you to prepare great food in just a few minutes! Whether you need a party side dish are a main… Continue

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Recipe: Pierogis To Die For (let the kids help too!)

My geek husband also happens to be a Polock and one of his favorite memories growing up was making Pierogis with his mom, aka YaYa. We absolutely love when she makes them for holidays and got the courage up to make them on our own once before. They turned out pretty good so this time we decided to share how to make the yummy goodness with you all! It's fun for the kids too!

Here is what you will need:

*Large mixing bowl

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