December 2011 Blog Posts (17)

After Christmas CASH Sweepstakes

I am so glad that Christmas is over but so sad to be so broke! Debbie Does Coupons and 23 fantastic bloggers got together and decided to offer up some cash to refill your pockets after Christmas.…


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New Year's Hoppin' Eve Giveaway Event (12/28-1/2)

Welcome to the NYHE Giveaway event hosted by Matter of Cents and Our Family World. This great event runs …


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My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software-DISCOUNT CODE

With Christmas 2011 in the books.......what to do with all those wonderful pictures you took! Why not organize them into a scrapbook to keep for years to come.…


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Script and Scribble-Personalized Stationary and Gifts plus a GIVEAWAY!!!

Script and Scribble specializes in personalizing gifts to friends, family or anyone special in your life. You can find anything from photo cards to hand…


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How to Not Be in Debt This January (Without Being Scrooge)

You've worked all year to get out of debt, or if you're debt-free, to stay that way. Kudos -- it's not such an easy task. But now (cue ominous music) the holidays are coming. What to do?

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, Christmas doesn't have to be a month-long spendfest. Remember that your first obligation is to you -- and your financial present and future. You can have fun this holiday season without leaving your credit score in tatters. Here's how to deck the…


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Get Your Holiday Cards in Time for Christmas (Use this great shipping discount code!)

Haven't had time to order your Holiday Cards yet? No worries- Tiny Prints has Two Shipping Options to Get Cards by ChristmasOn Monday and Tuesday, use the code below for Free Express Shipping (three business days, $24.95…


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For Beachgoers: The Noblo Umbrella Buddy

Where we live in Northern California, we are less than an hour from quite a few beaches. Our ocean water isn't exactly warm but the kids don't seem to mind. Another small drawback is that our beaches can be pretty windy. We generally can stick the umbrella…


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Fantasy Football (guest post)

For the fourth year in a row, my husband made it to the playoffs in his fantasy football league. He has been a part of the same league for five years. He is in a league with several of his high school friends and he always tells me that the league is a bonding experience that somehow allows all of them to keep in touch. They even have a trophy for the league and the winner each year gets their team name engraved onto the trophy and they…


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MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking Software Plus a GIVEAWAY!

We take tons of pictures and for some us creative types, we like to put those pictures in scrapbooks to preserve the memories. However, to find the time to create the books....well good luck! I have a closet full of supplies just for this task but to be honest with you, I just don't have the time to pull it all out, spread it out on my table and…


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Find Canker And Cold Sore Relief with Canker Spanker

Cankers and cold sores are ugly, embarrassing and can be extremely painful. The Canker Spanker, a product of TCS Natural Supplements Inc., was developed by a chronic canker…


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7-Day Shipping for ONE DOLLAR Plus Save on Last Minute Gifts!

Enjoy 7 day shipping on your entire purchase for just $1! (You will get it just in time for Christmas!) Design customized Photo Books, Calendars, Mugs, Tote Bags, Mouse Pads and more and get them in time for the holidays for just $1 more! Stock up and pay only $1 to ship your entire…


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Enjoy Your New Outdoor Retreat Sooner – Plan Ahead

You may be wondering why I am talking about an outdoor living area, now that you have probably just put your summer items away for the winter. The reason is simple.

If you do the planning now, you can start on the labor as soon as the weather permits, without using up valuable time in the planning stages. If you are planning on a luxurious outdoor living area, that takes time to plan, as well as shop for materials. You can then enjoy your new retreat sooner after it warms…


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Winter Wonder Week Giveaway Hop (12/8-12/15)

Welcome to Winter Wonder Week! 100 bloggers have pulled together to offer some great prizes to help you celebrate the Winter holidays! Up for grabs are:

  • $500.00 CASH paid via PayPal from all of the participating blogs…

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Got Creative Kids? Let Them Color These Ceiling Tiles!

I had never seen or been aware of drop ceiling tiles or tin decorative ceiling tiles until I saw the opportunity to review some. I had…


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Add Snapily Magic To Your Holiday!

Nothing gives me more joy than sitting down and writing out Holiday cards. Each year I try to find the perfect card to mail to my family and friends. This year I want to make sure you all know about …


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My Oral B Stages Sponsored Party

I was happy to host a party for Oral B Stages because lets face it- getting young kids to enjoy or understand the importance of brushing their teeth can be a bit tricky. There is something that happens when their friends are around and they see them excited and wanting a goodie bag filled…


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EZ Faux Granite Review


I love getting creative and finding ways to breathe…


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