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Tourists Like Sanjay Patil Discover the Beauty of Portland

Portland, Oregon, is called The City of Roses: Its warm and dry summers and mild winter temperatures make it ideal for cultivating roses. Visitors like Sanjay Patil MD soon discover, however, that Portland offers a lot more than beautiful flowers. With the Willamette River running through its center, Portland is an outdoor enthusiast's delight. Portland is also a cultural center with plenty of performing art…


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Elite Tool Boxes

The type of tool storage you need will greatly depend on the amount of tools you currently have, the additional tool purchases you think you may be making in the next couple of years, and what you use your tools for. When it comes to options for tool storage, there are leather or nylon belts, traditional tackle boxes, large tool chests, and even standalone drawers and cabinets that can hold hundreds, if not thousands, of tools in all manner of shape, size, and…


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Betty Crocker Smash & 1st Birthday Cakes

My little guy is going to be celebrating his fourth birthday the beginning of the next year. How time fly's!! We are currently making plans for my niece's first birthday party and I have been asked to make her cake since…


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V8 V-Fusion® Refreshers

Our house is always looking for new foods and drinks that we could purchase that will help us remain healthy and eat right. This is most important to me and my husband who are really trying to set a good example for our son in…


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Plumbing Issues Continued....

For the past month we have been dealing with what is yet again another leak in our condo. Yup this would make it the 3rd leak we have had in our condo after only being there a little over a year. We have been told that when they built these condos they didn’t concentrate on the type of pipes that would withstand the movement of the earth happening underneath us. We live right against a hill that a couple of years ago endured a big fire…


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Boston Treats Visitors to Historic Sites and Modern Attractions

Everyone knows about the Boston Tea Party and its role in the American Revolutionary War. Boston proudly celebrates its history with plenty of historic sites, tours and informative museums. There's more to Boston than history, however. A dynamic commercial and social hub with world-renowned educational institutions, champion sports teams and first-class cultural venues, Boston welcomes over 12 million visitors each year. If you are planning a visit to Boston, expect…


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Creating Privacy on a Deck

Adding a Rhino Deck to my home was an easy way to create additional space, improve the looks of my home and increase my home’s overall value. Unfortunately, in my neighborhood, privacy can be an issue. In addition to the privacy issue, the traffic sounds can really get annoying. In an effort to create a private oasis and allow my family to utilize our new deck to its fullest, I implemented the following…


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Bamboo Flooring

Choosing materials for a new construction home, a remodeling or updating project or for a room addition involves a lot of decision making. Some choices you make will take a considerable amount from the budget. For the more expensive design details, it's a good idea to select products that will endure over time. Although you will occasionally want to update your decor, you will want to do so by changing some of the less expensive decor elements rather than engaging…


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Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Being a super busy mom who works a full time job then has to deal with a commute to and from work, my time is very limited and having to come up with dinners that are good for my family along with quick to make are hard to do. I can usually come up with a good main dish but I usually…


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PB Crave

Just recently the husband said to me that he needed more peanut butter in the house because he loves to use it as a protein snack. I said OK and then the opportunity to test out a new brand of peanut butter was presented to me. Perfect timing!!!




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Courier Services

When I started my current job about 5 years ago I had no idea how in depth my knowledge of courier services would become! We are a wine mail order company so we deal with logistic companies all the time. I go through and audit each and every transaction that we ship and most months that means about 3,000-4,000 shipments! Also when we have to renew our service contracts I work hand in hand with the owners to ensure we cover all the…


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Livestock scales at FloorScalesDirect.com

Floor weighing scales are a must-have in many industries where heavy products, such as palettes of bulk foods or heavy building materials are being packaged, transported, and delivered. Just as weigh stations are utilized by large trucks pulling even larger trailers packed with products, floor scales can be utilized by factories and warehouses to quickly and easily weigh materials. Additionally, with the use of livestock scales at FloorScalesDirect.com, farmers and…


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ELEFUN & FRIENDS CHASIN’ CHEEKY Playdate from House Party

Last weekend we had some guests over to help us try out a new toy I received from House Party called…


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Matcha DNA Certified Organic Matcha Tea

My husband and I are always looking for ways to eat healthier, but then again who isn't?! We have always been in awe over the Asian culture where their entire meal plan consists of healthy, natural foods and teas! As hard as we try we…


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