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Flashback Friday!


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For Our Kids' Sake, Lets Prevent the Spread of MRSA. Watch this Video!

This video was provided by The Equip Them Well program through the One2One Network. …


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Wordless Wednesday

Added by Paola Deininger on October 27, 2010 at 2:49pm — 1 Comment

Make Your Own Holiday Cards Using Shutterfly

Every year, I look forward to sending out our family Christmas cards. This year we are having our holiday pictures taken by a friend and I am excited to use them in our cards. The perfect site I found to help me do this is Shutterfly. Especially for the holiday season, Shutterfly has some great Christmas cards that are…

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The Blame Game

I'm sad to say that the blame game has already started in our little household. Maybe spending so much time with my younger siblings has set a bad example on my little munchkin. In a house jam packed with teenagers, there's bound to be plent of blaming going around, especially when it comes to dishes being left out, clothes left on the floor, an unwatched TV flashing away in an empty living room... the list goes on and on. This has been what my daughter has been exposed to for the past two…


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Wordless Wednesday

This is they day we found all the Halloween decorations. Luke is wearing the dog costume on his head and Sadie Bug put on a lady bug skirt and let me spray her hair pink. Fun times!

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Product Review: Seed Healthy Hand Lotion

Ever since I had my first child, I have been battling with my dry hands! Partially dry skin, partially the fact that I wash my hands a million more times a day than I ever have before.

I am always looking for a hand lotion that actually works, and even when have found one that works pretty well, it "moisturizes" by making your hands greasy, and stays on the surface so once the next hand washing comes along, it is no longer…


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Three Great Geeky Gifts

OMG- I had the best time putting this post together. It is such a blast going through geeky sites but if you haven't noticed, I am in love with...

So here is this week's list of awesome gift ideas:

#1) When I saw this, I totally pictured my 4yo having a great time wearing it. The…

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Mid Week Mingle


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Keeping Everyone Happy

Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to "shard the data" these days? Did I just say that? Must have been my inner geek coming through. What I meant was I am having a hard time trying to do it all and keeping everyone around me happy. Talking to my husband about it today and he said something like "Yeah, babe. You gotta pick one. Be in Intel and do one thing with great speed or be a T1000 and do a bunch of things that will take a lot more time." HUH? I think that was a… Continue

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Why I Love Watching Babies Fall

Please don't read too much into this post title. When I first saw it in my email I was horrified and had to read it to see what would make a person write something like that. I'm very glad I did.…


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Coming to Grips with the Mommy Identity

I have moments, like I think most moms and dads do, when I think of who I was before I had kids. I have to admit, I miss some aspects of my past. So much has changed in the last few years that I have had to change my mind about who I am in order to rise to the occasion. Growing up, I excelled at a few things and then realized softball was my passion and would get me into college. My days were comprised of softball, weight training, school and more softball. I put so much…

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Flashback Friday!

I love looking back and seeing Luke this little! Reminds me how fast time goes by. Enjoy! (and feel free to leave a comment with your Flashback Friday… Continue

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Weekend Blog Hop

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Dropps Giveaway on MommyTLC

We're giving away Dropps Laundry Detergent to three lucky readers of MommyTLC. For your chance to win.

For Giveaway Details…


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--Linky Tool Test Run!--Let me know if this works please!

Help me test this on my Ning site! Try to add your link below...



Powered by Linky Tools

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list...

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Come hop with us!

Mid Week Mingle

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Mid Week Mingle!


It's that time again! Head over to http://www.graphicdesignbytara.blogspot.com/ and start hopping!

Keri :)

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Gift Idea: Chop Sticks For Star Wars Geeks

I love the holidays and have already started looking for fun geeky stuff for my DH, a few other family members and friends. ( I am surrounded by them!) I am a huge fan of ThinkGeek.com and saw these on their site today. Just had to share...

Hehehe...look at the handles! They call them "Chop Sabers" of…


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