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Olhausen Pool Tables

A crowning touch to any game room is the addition of an Olhausen billiards table. These fine, America-made gaming tables will provide hours of pleasure for you and your guests. Coming with a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship, these pool tables are also fine works of art.

Customers can find Olhausen pool tables at…


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Indoor Air Quality

Before our son was born my husband and I had three cats, yes three!!! We didn’t intend to have three cats but they needed a home and we could not say no so they became our first babies. Now, I didn’t grow up with any animals, not even a dog so when the first kitty came home within hours I was sneezing up a storm! Never had I had a reaction like that which was obviously an allergic to the cat hair. It was nothing…


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Industrial Parts Washers

Manufacturing companies are still a very important part of our country and we depend on them greatly. Even though most jobs have become much automated there is still a large demand for people to be around to either monitor or to do the task themselves. Along with this comes the need to make sure that the product you are manufacturing is safe and sanitary if it involves the safety of the consumers. Either way the parts are easier to…


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Smart Ones® Oatmeal!! Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, how many times have we heard this? Unfortunately it is really hard to eat this very important meal especially when you work or go to school. I find it so much easier to be able to eat something…


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One of my ALL time favorite Disney movies is coming out in…


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PLAY WITH PIRATES!!!! while learning a new language....

In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" I want to spread the word about a Kickstart program to help fund the development of a pirate module…


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Plumbing Maintenance

Our family has lived in our condo for over a year now. We love it there! It is an idea area for raising a family, the neighbors are great and the condo itself has just the right amount of space for us. We can honestly say that the only drawbacks we have had are the plumbing maintenance issues we have had to endure! Before even moving into the condo we were delayed two weeks because of…


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Golf Putter

Golf is a game that demonstrates an array of skill sets, from the power and strength of a good drive to the precision and accuracy of the short-game. Putting is an art, and even gifted golfers may struggle with the unpredictability of weather, green, or their own performance when attempting to putt successfully. As such, golf putters are being marketed that promise improved putting and more…


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