June 2010 Blog Posts (5)

Time to suck it up and go to the dentist!

I will just start by saying I have not had good experiences at the dentist. Now add taking my kids along for their check ups at the same time? There is no way this can be a good idea!
So, off we went right after a playdate at the park. Sadie bug fell asleep in the car and was conveniently extra whiney when I had to wake her. Luke seemed on board and excited which usually makes him super wild. (He can be a complete spaz! lol) We…

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Making out like a bandet!

Being the youngest toddler in the play group definitely has it's perks. Sadie is lucky to have a bunch of bigger kids that love her and take her under their wings. Sometimes literally- she has had a few choke-hold neck hugs and been pulled around unwillingly but that goes with the territory! For the most part, she has learned very quickly how to hang with the big kids. She even chimes in when they all jump into character. You'll hear Luke first "Batmaaaaaaan!" followed by "Elasta-giiiiiiiirl",… Continue

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Living in the Silicon Valley

Growing up outside of CA, I never imagined I would end up living here. Ever. I came to CA lots of times, mostly to southern CA, to play/coach softball and liked visiting the beaches, aquariums and of course Disney Land. But I was always very happy to leave and go back to places with much less traffic, a less visible brown cloud, and where I didn't have to think "Are we going to have an earthquake today?" There was no way I was going to move to California.

Then one day,…

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Toy Story 3- I might have nightmares!

We finally made it to Toy Story 3 today. "We" meaning the kids and I since daddy was at his Krav Maga class. Exactly, whatever that is. Anyway, I didn't chance the 3D version this time. We tried it before when the 1st and 2nd Toy Story came back to the theatre (flipping $12 per ticket) and Luke lasted about 15 min once the actual movie started! Boo for previews before a kid's movie! Seems pretty obvious 2.5 hrs is too long for most kids to sit still but maybe it is just my… Continue

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My very first blog post...the hubs will be so proud!

So here goes nothing... I guess my first post should be about who the Geek and I are. The Geek is Chris, my husband of 4 years now. He is an amazing DBA that does MySQL stuff all day long. Honestly, all day and night for that matter. :) He is not the typical geek at first glance- with his shaved head, goatee, and sunglasses. In fact, we often have people saying how intimidating he looks. But then you see the bluetooth attached to his ear and…

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