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What Does Every Business Need - Aternity to Protect the BYOD Network

Today everyone can bring their own device (BYOD) to work. So, if you have that nifty iPad and want to read a book on your break, well have at it. Suppose you don’t like the office PC and want to use your own – no problem. As an intern, well, let’s just say you’re on the bottom of the corporate totem pole, so you may have no other choice but to bring your iPhone, laptop or tablet. What do you think about This BYOD phenomenon? While this new trend may be wonderful for…


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Recycling Project-Week 2

So our little recycling project is in full force and in the past week we have seen progress!!!! Every time we leave or come home my son wants to spend time just looking at our plants to see how they are doing. He is already asking what we are planting next!! Let's just hope I can get these to blossom and then we will talk about more I tell…


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PottyCover-Disposable Toilet Seat Covers for Kids PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!!!

We have been potting training my little guy for about 3 months and I think we finally got it! He no longer wears regular diapers. except at night when he sleeps, and has gotten really good at telling us when he has to go.…


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We love Dreamworks movies in our house! The way they make the characters look so real when in reality they are cartoons is absolutely amazing.…


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Janeice Products is the website for people who are looking for something a bit better for metal layout and fabrication work. Although soapstones may be the industry standard for such work, there are better materials that are available for use and true DIYers should know what they are! Janeice Products is home to many products that far outperform soapstone when it comes to many…


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Thomas Meano Visiting Friends and Family in Switzerland

Thomas Meano and his wife Kathrin watched as the aptly named snow cannons proceeded to groom the ski slope located just yards away from their apartment. The cannon shot out streams of water, which turned to snow in the frigid air.

Later in…


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Book Review: Slave Graves by Thomas Hollyday

I've done several reviews of this author and really enjoy his writing style, this book did not disappoint...…


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Recycling Project-Week 1

Our little family has really taken our "recycling" project seriously this past week. The key now is to keep it up! We created some greenhouses for some plants we are growing, took our used papers to local schools to be reused…


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Parents Resources

Having our son was one of the greatest and is one of the most rewarding experiences my husband and I have ever been through. It is not until now when he we are watching him become his own little person can we really see the hard work paying off. That…


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Matt Brooks of San Francisco, Chief Executive Officer of Ardenbrook

Matt Brooks is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ardenbrook, Inc., real estate and is one in a line of four generations leading the company. Ardenbrook is based in the San Francisco Bay area and operates in several states around the United States. The name Ardenbrook is derived from the South Pacific Coast Railroad station once located in the town Ardenbrook calls home.…


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Book Review: The Tragedy of Fidel Castro by Jo Cerqueira

Synopsis: When God receives a request from Fátima to help prevent a war between Fidel Castro and JFK, he asks his son, Jesus, to return to Earth and diffuse the conflict. On his island, Fidel Castro…


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Oz-The Great and Powerful

When I found out that they were going to make a movie about the Wizard of Oz, I was very excited. I've always been curious from a young age just how the Wizard came to Oz and this movie answered all of my…


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Smart Desks: The Future is Here

Increasingly more employers are making an effort to provide healthier work environments for their employees. They've realized that keeping their employees healthy is good for business because it increases creativity, productivity, and vitality. People who work from home, too, are looking for…


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Recycling is Beautiful!!!

A serious question, how much attention do you pay to the items you want to throw away? Do you really feel like recycling will make difference considering there are so many of us in the world? I have to be honest, I have never paid much attention to how I dispose of my trash. I would always just throw it away in the regular trash,…


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Rushfit by George St Pierre

My hubby is really big on working out at home. With a toddler and one spouse working full time, time is very limited so our workouts are done when we have time at home. He has been practicing martial arts all his life but specifically Ju-Jitsu for the past 4 yours. Because he doesn’t have time…


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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

ABC Rug and Carpet Care provides excellent, eco-friendly carpet cleaning to its clients. Located in New York City, they take special care of handmade rugs. They can even be trusted with Persian and Oriental rugs, and when they are returned, they feel just like new. Many customers have appreciated ABC Rug and Carpet Care’s perfect cleaning solution. With over 20 years of experience, it is easy to see why…


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SmoothMove by Bankers Box PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!

We all hate moving, admit it! Having to pack everything, then having to carry the heavy boxes and appliances from one place to another THEN having to unpack and organize everything. I am tired just thinking about it and our family has done this too…


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Wowza-Media Servers

Does your media server give you everything that you need in today's lightning fast business environment? There is no room for downtime or even for disturbances in a connection. There is also no reason for it because companies like Wowza have …


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