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The Demise of Guys?....Over My Dead Body

Now that my little boy is getting bigger and is starting to become his own little person, my husband and I are much more keen to what he is exposed to and what is occupying his time. The toys that kids use now a days are much more advanced and high tech compared to the ones we were…


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Meet Blu: The Perfect Alternative to Cigarettes

One of the biggest complaints people have when it comes to cigarettes is the smoke that they give off. For this reason many establishments have banned patrons to smoke in restaurants, bars or anywhere there are others around that will be bothered by the smoke. But where does that leave…


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Try the New Purex Crystals for Baby! (2 winners)

I really like Purex Crystals but for a short time, we went back to using liquid fabric softener (purely because we could buy it in bulk)...and wow, did I realize how much I really appreciate this product. We got to a point after just a few weeks of using the liquid softener where our washing machine was coated with…


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Book Review: Revenge of the Mad Scientist by Lara Nance

Synopsis: A steampunk adventure with a touch of romance. When Lady Arabella Trunkett’s father,…


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Shopping for a New Car

Shopping for a new car is an important task. There are so many options available to buyers that it can be overwhelming unless you know exactly what you want. Once you find the right style, color and reliability for you, the next step is to compare similar models to find out which car, truck or SUV can give you the dependability, gas mileage and safety features you need for the best price. With the Toyota comparison site, you will be able to easily make new…


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Shoe Inserts.....

I have always had a problem with my shoes fitting me. No matter what size or width I get, there is always some problem. I am either constantly slipping out of my shoes or finding them too tight and uncomfortable. There was really nothing that I could do other than take it until I ran into the wonderful product from http://footpetals.com. Foot Petals has the best shoe inserts…


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Cancer is by far the worst sickness any person can get. I have made it a duty to try to support all those people who are doing everything they can to find a cure for this horrible disease. My husband and I have done volunteer work at the City of Hope and words cannot describe how you feel when you are in the presence of these people fighting for their lives.

Since the birth of my son my feelings have grown stronger…


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Simply7 Chips-Simple Ingredients, Simply Delicious

Afternoons are when I do my worst snacking! And for whatever reason I am always looking for something crunchy and starchy. It is hard to find tasty chips that you can feel good about eating.



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Candles With A Battery

One of the things that my family does in the summer is go camping. We have lights in our RV, but we also like to use our tents. I found a way to light the inside of our tents without needing any type of electricity besides a battery. The window candles that this company sells are great for keeping our tent bright at night. They are safe…


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Salon Avenue Suites At The Forefront of Fashion

To be Successful in the Beauty Profession, Stylists must be in the Forefront of Fashion

The beauty profession is a highly competitive world because it depends on the trust of the client for the expertise of the stylist. The stylist must stay on the cutting edge of the profession by knowing the latest trends and fashions and be able to deliver them to the client. It may not always be possible to do this when a stylist is…


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Book Review: Unconscionable (Rich Coleman Novel) by William Manchee

Synopsis: In Volume III of the Rich Coleman Novels, Rich's son Ryan finally graduates from law school and is anxious to start practicing law. While in law school he met and fell in love with Amanda, a…


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ediapercakes.com Review + Giveaway

I can’t remember the last baby shower I’ve been to that didn’t have a diaper cake. It’s not hard to see why because they are getting pretty synonymous with baby showers now. They don’t just make a cute addition to the shower, it makes the centerpiece and it gives the new mom the supplies she needs on a…


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World of Tea PLUS Promo Code towards first order!

A Healthier You in 2013

May 2013 be your healthiest, happiest year!

Whatever your New Year’s resolutions might be, we know how difficult it is to keep them. Research shows that late January…


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BIC® 4-Color™ Pen PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Time to get started on some of those resolutions....if you haven't already.

Why not get those…


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